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LOVE THIS PLUG-IN. I love this cool and well made plug-in. Now it´s really fun to play a song in WinAmp. Thnx 

Andreas Simonsson

Enfin, le plug-in indispensable pour Winamp !

Jean Evrard

Intuitive and cool looking app …

Leslie Erxleben

Goooooood program. If you have a lot of songs, and a computer you use mostly for music you have to download this plugin! 

Emmanuel Freudenthal

Thank-you so much for offering such a nice product for consumers to use. 

Linda M. Lee 

Cool front-end! Really cool looking front for WinAmp, being tired of the 'simple' skins I got used to using this really looks cool!


Wonderful plug-in with nice graphics. Hope there would be more like this one.


Very good and useful plug-in.

Ramiro Ledesma

Easy to use, easy to understand - a nice Tool. Good to have... 

Tenzin Wangmo

Superb Graphics and Quality! Finally with all the mp3s I download from the internet, I can keep a track of them by artist and category with this fabulous front end plug-in. BRILLIANT keep up the great work. 

John Taylor

Jukebox for Winamp It’s a great program.

Jos Mulder

I just found what I needed. I am a "home-DJ" and have some mix-software that play me tricks all the time. So for the quick-search-and-play-jobs I usually use that great (thin) program WinAmp for ages now. I was glad I found out that your 
program/plug-in was around. 

Han Koopman

Better than my mp3 pro. This plug-in is really much better than most commercial ones, well done!!

Kari Helminen

FINALLY! I stopped using Winamp because it didn't organize my files at all. This is what I've been waiting for. I'm so glad to be using winamp once again. THANK YOU!

Eric Teeman

Jukebox for Winamp has a great interface, really easy to use.

Ronald Slater

Nice interface with all controls there, pretty easy to use once ya played with it for 5 mins, and catalogues ya music to boot. 


Guys, just simply amazing. I newer had anything like this before. Congratulation, and thumbs up. This plug-in deserve the five ***** Thanx again.

Steve Szelei


Bryan Pollard

Very Nice!! Just one more reason to UNINSTALL Creative Play Center. Great Job!!

Mark Symms

I'm new to Winamp and this plug-in is gonna make organizing my mp3s a breeze! The manual is a total bonus. The interface is bold and beautiful. This is a must-have!!!

Tom Burks

Nothing less that great! I think that this addition should become part of the winamp package.

Deion Weeks

This is the most awesome download ever ... out of this world … thank God for technology. 

Brian Sharpie

Winamp Jukebox rocks. It’s very nice; thanks for letting us use it.

Yu Do

This is great! The best damn plug-in for win-amp anyone could have!

Moty Kewl

About damn time that someone made this... it is what i have been looking for... and looks good too! 

Dave Widman

Works Great! It sorts your music in to groups, plus has a great search that finds all mp3's on your hard drive.

Olga Zdonova

Winamp Jukebox is great, Thumbs up!!! With all the mp3 available a jukebox is needed!

Dave Birch

It's an absolute "Must have"! Great skins, easy use - the new reference! That's how each plug-in should be made. An absolute "must have" for all mp3-djs!! 

Horst Weninger

I have only had your Juke Box download for an hour but have been working with it very successfully. It has an easy-to-understand interface and a lot of nifty extras. Thanks for offering it.


Winamp needs this. For months, I have used Windows Media Player because of its easy to use file library. But I prefer WinAmp, and this gives me the opportunity to organize the few gigs of music I have without resorting to Microsoft.

Humpert Matthew

Great plug-in … I think it´s a great plug-in for Winamp, because I searched for a tool like this. It’s easy to play every mp3 file you got on your hard disk drive, so you have a real jukebox on your computer.

Jacques-André Rätz

Jukebox for Winamp is far better than any other Jukebox that I have tried in the past. It is easy to use with my MP3s.

Salvador Cazares

Great Idea! Looking forward to building an MP3 server.

Godfrey Baker

It’s very easy to use this jukebox - much better than windows media player - and NOT from Microsoft! :)

Armin Kesch

Great Design. You really gotta download this great plug-in for Winamp! Helps you sort out your music very easily, and it's so cool to work with it, you just don't get bored. It's fun, it's easy to use. What else can you wish for? 

Charoula Mathioudakis

Fab Jukebox! Excellent, easy to use jukebox. I've no need to download any other, does exactly what it says on the tin!

Sara Carter

An AWESOME plug-in. The Jukebox is extremely user-friendly. Ya' gotta love the way it organizes your mp3s.


Review - 5 Star. I find that a lot of the times you down load these plug in and they end up just taking up space on your machine. The jukebox is not one of those plug-ins. It's got a slick user interface that makes listening to tunes on your computer at work that much better. Don't hesitate on this one people. 


The best sounding music player.

Roger Peters

Great plug-in! It's kool and it's easy to use...everything is well organized. What else can I say...sweeeeeeet!!! 

Wendy Bustamante

Having been on the net for many years now I have used most if not all the internet radio programs out there, both free and pay. Therefore I have several stations that have become favorites. Jukebox gives me the ability to listen to these stations using my favorite player Winamp. Many thanks for this plugin. It is a very welcome addition to a great addition to a great program.


It is just great. I give it 5 stars. Great job!!!!


The Juke of thee Box! Happy to have found a nice piece of software like yours. Regards.

David Musch

I liked the interface. It has a lot of features.


The BEST! This jukebox is better that any music match jukebox version. All Hail Jukebox for Winamp! And I don't even need a coin slot on my computer to make it work. 

Steve Minton

The first plugin I downloaded for Winamp and I give it 5 stars. Definitely makes managing files easier. 

Jack Plummer

Good plugin, useful, timesaver, easy to use, try it!

P H Sharkey

Fab Jukebox! Excellent, easy to use jukebox. I've no need to download any other, does exactly what it says on the tin!

Sara Carter

5 stars! Pretty Good ... the jukebox is pretty good and easy to use.

Isaac Chan

Jukebox is outstanding. Slick little program. Simplifies everything. Simple to sep up. Outstanding program.

Bud Fayrd

Cool stuff ... The best jukebox around...

Srikanth Sastry

This is good stuff. Easy to use great look it is a real must have .

Rob Pocock 

Very, very nice. Jukebox is very, very nice. It’s great. 

Dusan Trgina

Wonderfull! Great plugin, easy to use ;-) 


Finally I don’t have to decide what I want to listen to. I can just random play all my music.

Peter Roberts

Works for me ... Works great and looks even better. A definite must have if you have large volumes of MP3's or throwing a party. Love it! thnx

Jason Combe 

5 stars! The best plug-in yet. It's exactly what I have been waiting for. All the features and so easy to use. Bravo.


Great program. Jukebox is fantastic. Helped me organize my collection. Allowed me to print it and share it with friends. I will definitely let others know about your fine program.

Bill Curtis

Un jolie petit programme. Programme trés beau esthétiquement avec des fonctionnalités interessantes. Pa rcontre le systéme de registration est un peu bizarre à mon gout 

Vandewalle Arnaud

Best one yet! Out of all the jukeboxes I have tried yet, this is the best one yet! 

Matthew Hetland

Very, very good! Jukebox for Winamp is great!

Pavel Kruk

This program is really a revolution, it makes Winamp the most complete and powerful player and encoder, it facilitates the use of winamp, you can classify your songs and listen to them easily. IT’S A MUST HAVE. 

The minister

NICE!!! This is great. Works with my AST Remote too!!!!

Michael Nelson

Excellent jukebox …

Paul Mor

I've just been playing with this and I love the big lettering and big buttons, I don't have to think about where to click, I just click and get what I want. It was really easy to get the radio stations, you just click radio! No figuring out involved here. Great job! 

Helen Ralph

Great piece of software ... excellent ... great app it made organizing my tunes a snap, set it up its done hit play and party all night, a must have that looks great too! Keep up the good work.

Nigel Chapman 

Excellent plugin. Easy to use, looks good - outstanding!! Best regards.

Malcolm Laird 

I have been waiting for a prog like this. Very accessible interface and ease of use.


I am truly happy to know that this system exists. Just today I was complaining to my brother that Winamp needs its own jukebox and I come to the site and there it is. You guys must be mindreaders! :)


Just what i was looking for and it is perfect too.

Ben Coulston

Very colourful, excellent sound quality regardless of bitrate, makes ABC sound great at 160kps, no gaps on repeat of song, and it was repeated again and again. Great talent put to good use.

Gordon Dack

Superb features and quality sound! Finally I've found something that allows clear playback of MP3s. I'd gotten tired of poor quality offered with other plug-ins. Jukebox for Winamp is a refreshing change and an excellent suggestion from a friend. 

Ed Deasy

Jukebox Rocks! Another Great Winamp Addition! Thanks.

Korby Bourne - Gulf Coast Limousine

The first plugin I downloaded for Winamp and I give it 5 stars. Definitely makes managing files easier.

Jack Plummer 

I recently downloaded the plug-in and since I've realized that I can't live with out it. This is a def must!!!!


5 Stars. I find that a lot of the times you down load these plug in and they end up just taking up space on your machine.  The jukebox is not one of those plug-ins. It's got a slick user interface that makes listening to tunes on your computer at work that much better. Don't hesitate on this one people. 

Dave Raffaele

5 stars! Finally some good music management. Very good music management software for Winamp. I love Winamp but I used Real Jukebox to manage my mp3's now I can do it all in Winamp. This is great. Well worth the download. I really appreciate being able to manage my mp3's with a winamp plugin rather than have to use Real Networks stuff because they are becoming too commercial.

Jake Anderson

HOORAY for JUKEBOX for WINAMP! Boy I love it... finally something great for these tired old ears. EVERYBODY should have Jukebox for WINAMP -- its the greatest. 

Mike Lyons

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