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Our customers speak!  Our company believes in the importance of customer feedback.  Both good and bad.  And with over 300,000 downloads we've gotten plenty.  The good ones make us feel good and the bad ones make us work harder to give our users the product that they desire.  When you offer a 30 money back guarantee as we do, customer satisfaction has to be your number one goal.  Here is some positive feedback from some of our satisfied, happy customers.

Awesome Plug-In …Very cool …totally easy to use….a must for those who just have to be organized...

Joey DeLeon

I've definitely tried to use other programs to organize my huge collection of Mp3s but I must say that this is the best I've come across so far. For one thing, its amazingly easy to use. Plus it has a great look that doesn't make it to obtrusive on my desktop.

Marcos Barrera 

This jukebox is the best jukebox ever made, it's gonna be hard for anyone to make a better jukebox.


Five stars! It's an easy to use program with lot's of very useful features. A 'must have'! Best regards.

Andreas Nemso

***** Five Stars. I've been using Jukebox for WinAmp for a little over a year. It's undoubtedly the best. I own a computer sales and service company and we recommend it to all of our customers. Keep up the terrific work!

Mark Ring
Computers & More, LLC

"I wanted to get a jukebox program to play all the music files I have...this fits the bill exactly."

Mark Huie

Great plug-in ... I think it’s a great plug-in for winamp, because I searched long for a tool like this. It makes it very easy to play any mp3 file you've got on your hard disk drive, so you have a real jukebox on your computer.

Jacques Raetz 

This is the greatest thing that I've ever downloaded. Five stars! The best... 

Brian Sharpie

I like the features provided by Jukebox for Winamp. I like the easy to use database playlist very much. Thanks for a clean and easy to use program.


It looks has clear big knobs, not tiny ones, that is great when used on a TV. I like the view of it … I would surely continue to use winamp jukebox!!! Thank you and greetings from Sneek, The Netherlands.


Excellent! I've been looking for this for a long time...Thanks.

Travis Crawford



Tony Kirton

A VERY impressive plug-in! Thanks for your hard work!


Hi, my name is Gus and I'm from Australia, I'd just like to say...your jukebox is one sexy looking front-end eh, I luv it its very practical and nice big buttons "good for the late nights I spose" anyways, I just thought that I should email you and let you know that I appreciate the effort you have gone through to put together an application worthy of winamp its great, I hope it goes a long way for you because quite frankly its worth the download from winamp...easy to find my tunez now...keep up the great work mate! cya!

Angus Bridgeman 

An awesome program with such a friendly GUI, look I have to give it a five stars. Thanks keep up the good work.


Great looks. Thanks a lot. Now it’s easier to organize and play my music. I have been waiting for this a long time. Thanks again. 

Deso Ingratta

Hi! I just downloaded the Winamp Jukebox and I am happy, when I noticed, that It's so easy, that even a blond, like me can and know's use it! Thank's!

Hanna Oksanen
It’s great, great, great! The best idea since long! i love it!!! Lots of love & thanks!


Nice way of automatically categorizing all the files I've come to own. Much easier than making all my own playlists from scratch, that's for sure. I'd highly recommend it!! 


Neato … its a sweet deal for huge volumes of mp3 … I like to call it the jukebox for winamp. Fast, easy to use...friendly.

Mike Hayes

A very good plugin! Now that I have downloaded and installed "JUKEBOX FOR WINAMP", I must say it is very easy to use and good looking for all. Everybody must use this plugin. Thank you for this Plug in.

Reinhold Pucher 

Quite pleased with it. The interface is well designed... The functionality as well... over all job well done... 

Edward Lochner

Yeah Baby... Ok, Listen up...Stop whatever it is your doing and DOWNLOAD this NOW. You will be very happy you did :) Great job.... looking forward to any other work you may have going...good job!

Matthew Foulkes

Massive! This plugin is perfect because I use my computer as a stereo with a lot of mp3's. Thanx Dude!! 

Bjvrn Stegler 

Cool way to organize your MP3's. 


Nice proggy.... needed that to sort my music. Great thing. Keep up the good work!!!

Martin Shike

You can organize your mp3's fast and easy, and it allows you to find your music quickly, especially if you have a huge list of music … you won't regret getting this plugin …


Just what the doctor ordered. Been looking for something like this for ages. My pc jukebox is complete and you got 5 stars.

Daryl J. Winter

Hi there. I wanna say about the juke box for winamp, the team who made it is great, it gives us a real jukebox with all functionality. I like to thank them for their great works. Regards.


At last a great package to let you manage your Winamp MP3 files. Hatas off to your company. I rated your jukebox ***** (highest rating).

Adrian & Tracey Kilduff

The 'Best' plug-in. It's awesome! It's really a helpful tool and it's so easy to play music. Great job!! 

Lawrence Alcid

Very helpful for managing mp3 files. My plug-ins that were installed are still working. That's what i like the most.  Anyway, it is very easy to work with this thing, and it's looking great! I gave it 5 stars today.

Pedja Radivojevi

Thanks for a great plug-in ! Greetings from Germany.

Niels-Ole Sass

Finally!!! Just what I have been looking for. As a DJ for my Jr. High I nred to be able to create the playlist as students request songs. This will be great!! Wow …Thanks a TON!!! *****

Robert Beatty

Fantastic plugin! Very useful, easy to use, just excellent! 

Mike Dolezal 

I give jukebox 5 stars. It’s the best jukebox that I’ve used and cant wait to set it up for my next party!

D Young

Great Jukebox! Very nice plugin for winamp! The next party can start!

Joerg Langkowsky

I really like the jukebox, I just downloaded it and I really like it. It’s very easy to use. 

Randi Cecil

A Fine All-in-ONE. This Jukebox is a very cool program. You MUST download it ;-) Keep up the good work. Wonderful program. Thx a lot.


It's Amazing … It's Faster to Load … Very quick with all the features that I want... It's the ONE Jukebox 

Enrique Baldwin

Best of the best. Jukebox for Winamp is the best!

Spyridon Vorias

Jukebox for Winamp is a great programm graduations. 

Beat Marty

For big screen TV this is a must!

John & Sandi

This plugin is one of the best I’ve seen for Winamp!

Matt Oys 
I just downloaded some Winamp stuff and I must say I’m very well impressed! This really increased the the quality of my music experience. Congratulations! You have a new FAN!

Sérgio Alexandre

Thank you very much. I love that new jukebox.

Joseph Clarke

Very nice Layout, easy to use. The interface looks awesome too. Good job! 

Timothy Macdonald

Fine saker ...verdt en stjerne eller to.

Erlend Eide

Perfect for TV users... Beautiful slick interface, just what I had been looking for my TV based system. Top job. Definitely worth 5 stars! Cheers.

Graham Rouse

Great for HTPC! I am building a Home Theater PC (HTPC) and this is just the thing I have been looking for to run Winamp using my TV as the monitor!!!

Andrew Galewsky

I'm very happy to have changed my Jukebox experience to Winamp. It's easier for me and you have many more features available than my former Jukebox (namely; MusicMatch). Keep up the good work! 


It's just amazing. It has got one of the best user interface n very easy to use with features loaded, no wonder it is winning all the way.

Rahul Kotha

I do think that it is a great product and I hope to see some more postings on new designs or other gear that you are putting 
out. Take it easy.


Rocks!! Jukebox really f****** rocks. Its the bees knees! 

Angus Noon 

Very, very, very, very, very good!!!!!

Marko Kovacevic

By the way, terrific product. I wish I would have ran across this a lot sooner.:)


Excellent Plugin! I've got over 4000 songs in my list and Jukebox took care of everything. It didn't miss a song and that's pretty amazing. 

Jeff Underwood

I love the look of the Jukebox for Winamp and found that it loaded fairly fast for me. I like being able to organize my music.

Debbie Meddings

Like the functions. Like the ability to manage all my music. Easy to sort by year, style, etc. 

Alex Raguini 

Winamp and JukeBox for Winamp are the most beautiful, feature rich, and user friendly music software over the net!

Corrado Soria

Perhaps one of the better plugins/add ons for Winamp that not only makes sense, but works out of the box with minimal setup.  If you're like me and you've got a huge collection of napped mp3s then this is for you! Get it, download, and organize your life.

Stewart Brebnor

lo he desistalado porque mi PC no lo soporta, tampoco me ha gustado la presentación. Gracias de todos modos.

Francisco Javier Delgado

An AWESOME plug-in. The Jukebox is extremely user-friendly. Ya' gotta love the way it organizes your mp3s. 


Just wanted to say Mahalo Nui "Thanks So Much" for making the best jukebox ever. It's just what I wanted. *****Aloha!***** 

Mahalo Nui 

Jukebox for Winamp is one the best jukeboxes I've ever used.

Joseph Baz

Jukebox Rocks! Although I'm new to the wonderful world of Winamp, this certainly appears to be one of the most versatile and useful plugins available. My music is scattered all over my harddrive. With "Jukebox for Winamp", organizing my library is just a few clicks away. Like all good programs, "Jukebox" is intuitive and easy to use. I'm looking forward to converting all my vinyl. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Rob Whitehead

Copyright 2004, Up All Night Software



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