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Jukebox for Winamp is specifically designed to make a great interface for any PC/TV/Entertainment Center based MP3 player.  It's very easy to set up and a lot less expensive than home audio system MP3 players.  You can even put together a jukebox setup without even opening the computer case!  It's that easy to do.

You basically only need four components to set up a system. 

They are:

Jukebox for Winamp software - our software works best because it is actually readable on a TV screen from across the room.  It is also best suited because the Alpha Index Bar and the On-Screen Virtual Keyboard make it fully operational with just a point-and-click device.  You get powerful database search capabilities without the need for keyboard input.  The Winamp visual plug-ins look great on a large television, especially the Geiss plug-in.  Winamp plug-in compatibility makes our software the most powerful MP3 HTPC software available. 

Pentium based PC -  pretty much any PC will work, even a lowly P100 will run our software along with Winamp.  Basically the most important components are a decent sound card and a hard drive big enough to hold all of your MP3s.  You can set up a dedicated PC in your home entertainment room or you can even use your existing PC, even if it is in another room in the house, by using a wireless A/V transmitter and receiver.  See the hardware suggestions below for details. 

VGA-to-TV Converter - in order to view the interface on a TV you will need one of these if you don't have one already.  

Wireless Keyboard or Remote Control - the X10 Mouse Remote works well.  It is RF operated and can control your PC from up to 1000 feet away, even through walls and floors.  Our software also comes with the registry file to program all of the buttons on it automatically.  Wireless keyboards have come way down in price recently and can be found for as low as $20, sometime even with a wireless mouse.  Any other type of point-and-click device that will control your PC from your home entertainment room will work as well.

Hardware Suggestions

Jukebox for Winamp -
 Build Your Own MP3 Jukebox Hardware Guide

Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Remote Controls 

Parex Wireless Keyboard IR9703 - Mfg. Info.

The transmit unit, wireless keyboard unit, is a 88 keys keyboard with 12 multimedia function keys and 6 mouse buttons, the total 106 keys, with one intellipointer. The keys are all in the standard full size with 4mm travel, membrane key switch technology, and soft touch rubber dome feeling. Great compact keyboard when size is an issue.

IR9703 wireless keyboard contains one transmitter (keyboard unit) and one receiver (receiver unit).

Comments -

I currently use this neat little, inexpensive wireless keyboard with my MP3 Jukebox system.  I use to use the X10 Mouse Remote but switched over to using this. The direct keyboard input slightly speeds up my input to search my massive MP3 collection.  I like the gyro mouse pointer and the compact size makes it manageable.  It also has decent range and good battery life.  You can find these little babies on sale for about $12!  Check below.

Check for Best Prices Here

Check Prices Here Too


X10 Mouse Remote - Mfg. Info.

The mouse remote consists of a remote control and a wireless RF mouse receiver. The receiver is connected to your serial or PS/2 port and your existing mouse is connected to the socket on the receiver. This lets you use the remote as a wireless mouse.  Works on PCs with either serial or PS-2 mouse ports.  Also operates audio/video products, such as your TV, VCR, cable box, etc.

Mouse Remote Control
Wireless RF receiver
Software driver

Comments -

I use to use this X10 Mouse Remote with my home jukebox system.  You have complete control over the Jukebox for Winamp software with it.  The on-screen keyboards allow input for MP3 searching. Their advantage is their size.  They are well designed with the mouse pad control on the front and the mouse buttons on the back.  You do need to have a PS/2 or serial input to use it.  You can get these babies for about $35 with the $15 X10 Gift Certificate listed below.

Reg. Priced at $49.95 at

Free $15 Gift Certificate Available Here


ATI Remote Wonder - Mfg. Info.

Now you can get more from your ATI graphics and multimedia products with the ATI REMOTE WONDER. This wireless radio frequency remote control eliminates the need to aim so you can now operate your PC/Mac from another room, even through your walls.  Easy set up of receiver as it simply plugs into any available USB port in your PC/Mac.  Quick installation with automatic driver detection.  Compatible with all RADEON graphics products.  Offers mouse and application control, no matter what graphics are on-board

Comments -

This ATI Mouse Remote will do the same things as the X10 Mouse Remote except it uses a USB connection.  If you don't have a PS/2 or serial connection this is the unit for you.  I have used this product but prefer the X10 Mouse Remote because the mouse buttons are on the back.  You can find these units for as low as $32!  Check with the links below for current pricing.

Check for Best Prices Here

Check Prices Here Too

PC-to-TV Video Converters

GrandTec GEZ-1000 - Mfg. Info.

The PC to Video Cable is a one-piece PC-to-TV converter recommended for presentations, computer gaming, and internet browsing on TV.


Supports 640x480@60/72/75/85Hz, 800x600@60/72/75/85Hz, 1024x768@60/75/85Hz and 1280x1024@60Hz display modes;
Power supplied from USB;
No software required;
Composite and S-Video outputs 
VGA IN and VGA OUT for simultaneous TV/CRT viewing
Supports screen size adjustment in VGA mode.

Comments -

An external PC-to-TV Video Converter is the easy way to go if you don't have a TV-Out connection on your video card. 

This is the least expensive external PC-to-TV video converter that I have found.  It is a fairly new product that I haven't tried yet but it is made by GrandTec USA who manufactures a wide range of these types of converters.  So I am assuming that they are reliable.  You can pick up one of these babies for about $32!

Check for Best Prices Here

Video Cards with TV-Out - Comments

If you don't already have a TV-Out connection available to you, then the least expensive option is to replace your video card with one that has TV-Out.  Some of these units are priced as low as $11 each.  

Check out the current prices through the links on the right.

Check for Best Prices Below

TV-Out 8 meg Video Cards

TV-Out 16 meg Video Cards

TV-Out 32 meg Video Cards

TV-Out 64 meg Video Cards

TV-Out 128 meg Video Cards

Multi-function Kits

X10 Big Picture Kit - Mfg. Info.

Big Picture allows you to transmit the picture and sound from your PC (in your office) to your television (in your living room) so you can surf the Internet from the comfort of your couch!  Plus, you don't have to run any wires. Big Picture utilizes a Video Transmitter and Receiver that can send the picture and sound up to 100 feet away! 

Included with the kit is a wireless mouse remote which includes software so you can customize the buttons on your remote. The remote also serves as a universal remote. You also get a PC-to-TV converter as well as the Audio/Video transmitter and receiver.

Comments -

This is a nice, affordable combo package. It includes the X10 Mouse Remote, an external PC-to-TV Video Converter and a Stereo Audio/Video Transmitter and Receiver.  This system works nice if your PC and entertainment system are in separate rooms and you don't want to run cables between the two.  The video converter only runs at 640x480 but that is okay since Jukebox for Winamp runs full screen at that resolution.  You can pick up this kit for only $85 with the $15 X10 Gift Certificate shown below.

Reg. Priced at $99.95 at

Free $15 Gift Certificate Available Here

GrandTec USA Ultraview - Mfg. Info.

GRAND ULTRAVIEW is a universal PC to TV converter with frame buffer architecture that gives sharp, stable image output to TVs. It's resolution support up to 1024x768. It features 360 degree remote MOUSE and remote controller. The universal compatibility of the Grand UltraView EX provides an excellent solution for presentations of every kind.

Comments -

This is a Video Converter and Mouse Remote combo.  It is made by GrandTec and I haven't used this unit before.  But it does include two of the essential components of a entertainment center based MP3 Jukebox.  It is a little more expensive than the X10 Big Picture kit above, and you don't get the wireless transmitter and receiver.  But you do get a higher quality PC-to-TV Video Converter. You can find these units for about $106.

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