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Five years after the beginning of the MP3 Revolution and the file sharing phenomenon, billions of digital songs have been downloaded and now reside on millions of PCs worldwide.  These music collections will inevitably move to home stereo systems and have already begun do do so.  Our software helps make that possible. 

The Jukebox for Winamp Affiliate Program allows webmasters to earn easy cash by linking to our website. Your link to our site could be anything from a simple text link to one of our large banner ads. It is entirely up to you and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to sign up and and start earning cash from our popular software. 

We also now offer a second tier commission program which allows you to earn commissions from the sales of webmasters who you have referred to us.

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Commissions Rates

All affiliates earn a commission of 33% on sales of Jukebox for Winamp Software. That would be a $10 commission on each sale that is priced at $29.95.  We do not penalize small sites with lower sales by paying them at a lower commission rate and their is no minimum payout amount.  Everyone earns our standard, generous rate of 33%.  Affiliate Costs - Absolutely Nothing.  Your only cost is the 5 minutes it takes to add a couple of links to your website.

Second Tier Commission Opportunities!

Our two tier program allows you to earn an additional commission rate of 20% on all commissions earned by websites that you have referred to us.  For example, when a referred site sells our software at $29.95 the selling site earns $10 (33% of sale) plus YOU earn $2 (20% of earnings) for every sale of your referred affiliates. Use your own network of fellow webmasters to recommend our program and you can significantly increase your commissions earned!

Commission Payments

Commission payments are made on a weekly basis via Because we offer a 30 money back guarantee on our software, payments are made after this 30 day period clears.  After the initial 30 days, affiliates begin to receive weekly commission payments every week on a continuing basis. 

Your commission balance which is held by us for the 30 days is subject to charge backs due to customer refund requests and fraudulent credit card payments.  You will be provided with documentation from us in the event of any charge backs.

Example Affiliate Links

Affiliates should place at least one text link on their website as they tend to get a higher click-through rate than banner ads.

Recommended Text Link - Jukebox for Winamp MP3 Player

Affiliates can display banner ad links as well.  We offer banner ad graphics in 16 different sizes, so we are bound to have one that will fit your website layout.  Below is an example banner.  

All affiliate hyperlinks URLs, both text and graphic, have the same format -

All of our banners ads can be viewed here.

Sales Reporting

Sales reports are emailed to affiliates on a weekly basis beginning immediately after you sign up.  The reports include weekly sales, commissions earned, charge backs, weekly payment amounts, and the 30 day balance being held. 

Sales Tracking System

Because our company has a stake in your success, we believe that we offer our affiliates the most reliable and accurate sales tracking system available on the Internet today.  When you send a visitor to our website, a "Customer Checkout Bar" with a Paypal "Click Here to Buy" button is displayed at the bottom of EACH AND EVERY PAGE that your referred customer visits.

This "Click Here to Buy" button sends your referred customer to a Paypal payment screen that contains and DISPLAYS your own chosen affiliate ID code on it at the POINT OF PURCHASE.  You can personally verify that your affiliate ID code is always logged as part of all of your sales by clicking on this Paypal button and viewing your affiliate ID at any time that you wish.  Your ID will be displayed in the "Payment For" field after "Jukebox for Winamp Software" as shown below. 

We feel that this system is much more reliable than the unverifiable, cookie based affiliate tracking systems that are commonly used on the Internet today.  With our system you are much less likely to lose commissions due to corrupted cookies, blocked cookies, lost cookies, deleted cookies, or expired cookies.

And because we want you to prosper and succeed with our program, each and every one of your affiliate pages at our site contains a link to bookmark them in the referral's Favorites Folder.  The referral returns via this Favorites link and you get paid no matter when they come back, with no cookie required.  They do not have to come back to us through your website for you to get credit for the sale.

And to further support your efforts, we also include a link on each and every page that allows the referral to easily copy a shortcut link on their Windows Desktop that will take them directly to your affiliate pages at our website. This is a powerful advertising and marketing tool that is bound to increase your commissions.  Once again, the referral does not have to come back to us through your website, and you still get paid no matter when the referral comes back!  With no cookie required.

And to go one step further, if your referral fails to use either one of these methods to return to our website and just enters our site via our root URL, they will automatically be forwarded to your affiliate pages by our backup cookie system.  This cookie redirect remains in effect for a full 90 days after the referral last visits your affiliate pages at our website.

The combination of these two tracking systems greatly increases your potential for commissions and demonstrates our desire for our affiliates to succeed and to get credit for all of their referrals. 

Website Qualifications

We accept just about any sites except for adult oriented sites and any other controversial sites which may negatively reflect on our company.  In order to maintain a high quality network of affiliates, Up All Night Software does not accept any websites that do the following-

  1. Mislead others 

  2. Operate or utilize a Web site or email link to Web sites that contain or promote any of these types of content: libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, cracking, hacking or warez, or that offer any illegal good or service, or link to a Web site(s) that do so and/or 

  3. Engage in spamming, indiscriminate advertising or unsolicited commercial email 

Your Opportunity  -  Why Become Our Affiliate Partner

Our Market Niche

Jukebox for Winamp software was especially designed to be used with an entertainment center based PC and to be viewed on a television screen.  Massive numbers of MP3s have been downloaded over the Internet.  These huge music collections will inevitably move from the home computer to the home entertainment center and have already begun to do so.  As users upgrade their old PCs to newer ones, the older PCs become available for use in other rooms for other functions. Our company believes that a large number of these older PCs will be converted to digital jukeboxes for home entertainment centers.  Providing jukebox software for these older entertainment center based PCs is our market niche. 

Our Software

We offer an established, high quality, in demand software product that has almost no competition in the marketplace in our niche.  Our program has been under development for over four years.  Jukebox for Winamp was rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5 by with over 270,000 downloads within four months.  Our product benefits from its compatibility with one of the most popular media players on the Internet - Winamp, which is known for its superior playback quality.  The vast number of free plug-ins available for Winamp and Jukebox for Winamp makes our software the most powerful TV/Entertainment Center based MP3 jukebox available today.

Our Company

Honest, highly ethical, and "Up All Night" working hard to deliver the best product possible to our customers.  We are dedicated to our success and the success of our affiliate partners.  Feel free to contact me if I can assist you in any way.  Alan

Our Committment to Our Affiliates

Up All Night Software is dedicated to your success as one of our affiliates. We understand that our long term success as a company depends on your profitability as one of our affiliates.  As a former affiliate of numerous large and small Internet companies, let me assure you that you will not be used and abused by our company as we have been by many others.  We will not subject you to untracked sales, non-existent charge backs, and other affiliate scams that many companies perpetrate on their affiliates.  You will be treated fairly and you will be paid for your referrals.  My moral beliefs and business ethics do not allow me conduct business in any other manner.  With our company's reputation on the line, let me assure you that our word is our bond. 

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